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Front-end & UI Designer_

I’m currently looking for new opportunities to join a team as a Front-end Developer | UI Designer 🤘. Want to know more About me?

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Rethinking UX

Rethinking is not the same thing as Redesigning. That’s what my team and I learned about this work. The project was realised by a team of HEAJ’s DWM students, including me, during november’s workshops. Here is my contribution for the Rethinking UX of Facebook Events.

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Rethinking-UX of Facebook events


Choose a music label,choose an artist you like, redesign the website and present it with your own design touch. My choice was Unified Central©. An Australian label. I chose Northlane for the artist's presentation because I love their music and their image. Music_PLZ is a project realised for DWM.

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Found it !

Ask workers about their everyday environment and learn what is good and what is bad about it. During the "reboot-factory" workshop, we developed an application project that would help workers who are forced to travel to specific locations. This project is called Found it and was realised for DWM.

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Reboot-Factory: Found it!

Had One Font

Choose a font that you like. Maybe a font that looks like you. Then present it in an original way in a web page readable on desktop & mobile. I chose Martel & Martel Sans.

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Had One Font


My name is Dorian.

Nice to meet you !

I’m a young guy freshly graduated in Web & Mobile Design in Haute École Albert Jacquard College based in Namur (Belgium).

My creative mind is the result of two world’s collapsing: music and digital arts. Be creative in something else than digital design is important for me and help me to do design and development.

I enjoy searching and creating things that will solve your problems and give birth to your ideas. My powerful tools are Sketch, Photoshop, Atom, Sass & Gulp.

Don’t be afraid to contact me. I like meeting people. We can talk about design, music, beer, food, cats, travelling, etc…

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