The best way to find your meeting

Tired to search your meeting place ? «Found it !» allows you to share or find a meeting place with everybody.

hand with iphone

how it works ?


It’s easy ! Once you’re on the app, you just have to add to your contact the person you have to meet.

Then you can share the map with him and see where he is. It use the geocalisation of a mobile to link both and allow you to track it !

On the map you can :

  • see your contact’s position.
  • put a landmark for give him a meeting.
  • do the same thing with a group of people.
  • Privacy first

    Only the person you choose will see your position

  • Everywhere

    « found it » follow you everywhere with your smartphone

  • User friendly

    we make it to be easy and quick

  • For all your contacts

    You can add everybody with his name ,email or number phone

The app you need

For professional or personnal use

« Found it » is a good choice for an independent who need to meet his clients, all professionnals who needs to work outside sometimes.

Or simply people who need to meet this friend in a new place.

Ready to found all your friend in a few seconds ?


the dream team

  • geoffrey

    Geoffrey Gheysen

    Case Study | Wireframing

  • corentin

    Corentin Villemus

    Front-end| Map

  • dorian

    Dorian Chapelle

    Ux Design| Front-end

  • elsa

    Elsa Toussaint

    Ux Design| Front-end