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case study_ facebook events

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Case Study


For this work we were asked to realise a Rethinking UX of a Facebook feature.

For this Rethinking UX work, it was important to be precise and not original to optimize the user experience. This work was realised by six DWM’s student, who had to work in pairs to rethink the functionality either in the desktop version or in the mobile version.



The first step was to review the internal architecture of Facebook. Using the tri-card method, we have placed and prioritized all of Facebook's features in a hierarchical way, using post-its.

Our choice was a task that, we knew from the start, was not going to be simple: Facebook events.



Create, classify, apply

The next steps were crucial for the group, we had to think effectively and not to regret our choice.

We created "personas" and then group them according to user stories.Three different groups: public, private and recurrent events (the last category included my persona).

Working in pairs

A new chapter was awaiting us, the group split in pairs. Following the "Crazy-Eight" principle and then "Crazy-Four" principle, we carried out our first tests of Wireframing in the mobile version & the desktop one.

In my case, I was working with Axel, who took care of the event management desktop version. I was dealing with the same thing but on the mobile version.

Team in action


Prototyping on InVision Try it !

New features on mobile

Following a list of critique that we were able to collect about the use of Facebook events, we added new functions (like being able to secretly organize the birthdays of your friends). This was done by the realization of wireframes and subsequently of rapid-prototyping.

But also the discover function, which allows to search or discover an event by its place, its date and its category (where - when - what).

An improved version of the calendar also seemed to be a good idea because it’s normally not present on the mobile version.